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We heard that it’s possible to take our precious pet westie, Sparky, onboard and in the passenger cabin on a Delta Airlines flight from LAX to Indianapolis. Having just traveled all the way from Australia, a thirteen hour trip with our poor Sparky in the cargo hold, we were excited at the idea of taking him in the cabin.

Image of dog in a Petsfit soft airline pet carrier.
The carrier is great¬†for small dogs. This version is for dogs up to 20lbs. (Under 10kgs.) This photo was taken on the train to Chicago. It was warm in the train car, so we unzipped the side ‘porch’ extension for some extra cooling.

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We had to do quite some research online and confirmed the booking on the phone with Delta. See information from Delta at this link. Various aircraft have different pet pack dimensions, and we had to choose one that would fit under the seat in front of us, but be large enough for our dog to be able to stand and turn around within the carrier. The requirements also maintained that the carrier had to be soft, contain the dog within the carrier safely without risk of escape, and have a padded, waterproof liner.

We found the Petsfit Airline Pet Carrier was perfect for our needs. Sparky is fairly stocky, so he just fit the necessary weight and height, length specifications. There are three to choose from, and we needed the largest size: 19″ x 12″ x 12″. There is an expandable zip section that opens up an enclosed ‘porch’ at the size to extend the width from 12 inches to 20.5 inches. Great for waiting at the boarding gate.

Image of small dog riding in a car inside a Petsoft collapsable dog carrier
Happy introductions to the pet carrier. We went for a few car rides where he got accustomed to his new carrier.

Sparky wasn’t accustomed to any pet carrier, apart from the freight carrier he was in from Australia, so we took him for his favourite activity, a car ride. He sat inside the carrier with the top unzipped as a gentle introduction.

After a few treats and gentle coaxing, he soon got used to the idea that the Petsfit Carrier was part of the new routine.

The airlines have strict checking in procedures when you want to take your pet in the cabin, so we followed the necessary steps and went to the ticketing counter for final inspection and weight checks. The airport is a daunting experience for anyone, especially a small dog, so we made sure we allowed plenty of time to relax and step cautiously through the whole procedure.


Image of dog and owner being walked outside the checkin counters at LAX.
We arrived early and took extra time to make sure our pet was as relaxed as he could be. Pictured at LAX just before checkin. The last place for a stretch and a walk.

The checkin process was fairly time consuming. Firstly a queue, then the dog’s paperwork was thoroughly checked, weighed, and the Petsfit carrier was approved on the spot.

The side extension on the Petsfit carrier is great for waiting at the boarding gate. Your pet can stretch and get some extra airflow during the wait. Onboard the flight, your pet must be under the seat in front of you, so you need to keep extra carry-on items to a minimum.

We enjoyed watching him when the aircraft was taxying, and being down low and snug in his carrier, he didn’t mind the bumps and thumps and other noises that often unnerve us during a flight. In fact, he curled up and went straight to sleep just before take-off. The roar of the engines and flight turbulence did not upset him at all. He slept during most of the flight. Only waking for some company, some water, and then he slept again for the landing!

The Petsfit Soft Airline Pet Carrier has many features and is available in three sizes:

  • 16″ x 10″ x 9″ – suitable for small dogs or cats up to 7lbs.
  • 18″ x 11″ x 11″ – suited for pets up to 13lbs.
  • 19″ x 12″ x 12″ – suited for pets up to 20lbs.

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Dog riding in the car in soft pet carrier with shoulder strap restraining pet carrier
Can be used as a car carrier for pets. The should strap can be used to keep the soft pet carrier on the seat.
Petsfit pet carrier with side extension open. This is the 16" x 9" x 10" version.
Dimensions of the 16″ x 9″ x 10″ showing side extension open.
Soft airline pet carrier 18" x 11" x 11" version.
Petsfit pet carrier 18″ x 11″ x 11″ version.
Photo of 19" x 12" x 12" folding pet carrier.
Portable dog carrier can be folded flat for storage. This one is the 19″ x 12″ x 12″ suitable for pets up to 20lbs
Features of the soft pet carrier make traveling easy with your pet. Plenty of ventilation with screened sides, top, and screened porch extension.
Features include opening side extension, open ends, and opening at the top so your pet can pop their head up for space. The inside clip keeps your pet inside for safety.
Images of waterproof floor mat, pocket storage on the side, a security strap for carrying on rollaway luggage and a padded shoulder strap.
Machine washable mat satisfies many airline waterproof mat requiremtns. The side strap allows the pet carrier to be fastened to your luggage pul handle.


Image of cat inside soft pet carrier.
Smaller sized soft pet carrier for cats and small dogs.
Image of the Petsfit collapsable pet carrier in it's folded condition. It will fold completely flat for storage.
The airline *approved pet carrier folds completely flat for storage, or traveling when you don’t need a pet carrier. *Check with your airline before planning your trip with your pet.

3 thoughts on “Petsfit Soft Pet Carrier

  1. Helen Vella Reply

    Excellent review and a great product for pets travelling. Keeps them safe which not a lot of people do when they let their pets run around in the vehicles. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Andy Reply

    Wow! I never knew you were able to bring dogs into the cabin. I don’t remember ever seeing one in the cabin before. Maybe it’s only for relatively short trips. I fly from Vancouver, Canada to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia every year for Chinese New Year with my wife but that trip takes a total of 19 hours accounting for a short layover in Hong Kong.

    The carrier looks great and I like how it has the side extension to allow the dog to move around a bit. And it looks like it folds completely flat so it’s easy to store and transport. If I had a small dog I’d definitely get one!
    Great review!

    • Alan O'Neill Post authorReply

      Thanks so much for your notes Andy. Long flights like 19 hours don’t allow dogs in the cabin. They have to go in the specially heated section of the cargo. Most USA domestic flights allow in-cabin transit. People do laugh when they see the dog there. They usually don’t notice until we are on our way off the plane.

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